Features that double your donations

Create an engaging and friendly experience

Heartfelt nudges

Grab visitors’ attention with moving call-to-action and social-proof nudges.

Superfast checkout

In just a few clicks, donors can pay with credit cards, direct deposit, and GooglePay.

Recurring donations

Drive weekly, monthly, or yearly donations and set an end date for better trust.

Smart suggestions

Make every donation count by displaying the optimal amount for each donor based on their profile and giving history.

Global fundraising

Reach more donors worldwide by supporting multiple currencies and languages.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Raise awareness for your mission, expand your reach, and gain exposure to your donors' network of peers.

Company matching

Let companies match their employee's donations to double down on the giving.

Donor-covered fees

Receive the full donation by allowing donors to cover the small processing fee.

Donor wall

Show donors they’re in good company by displaying a wall of recent donors and their contributions.

Campaign goal meter

Motivate your team and donors to achieve a donation milestone with a simple and visual campaign goal meter.

Dedications and comments

Let donors get even more personal by dedicating donations and adding a special message.

Plus, it’s easy to customize

Custom branding

Customize the donation widget to match your nonprofit's look and feel, so it fits right in (but also stands right out).

Donation categories

Got multiple programs? Let donors choose where their donation goes.

Custom fields

Gather just the right info by customizing the fields in your donation widget.

Thank you emails

Send a custom thank you email to show donors your appreciation.

And simple to manage

Admin dashboard

Easily manage donations, donors, monthly recurring revenue, and more.

Game-changing analytics

See how visitors interact with the widget to keep improving the flow and boost conversions.

Automation and integrations

Scale your nonprofit by connecting the tools you already use like Salesforce, MailChimp, Zapier, and Stripe.