Announcement: Donsplus is rebranding to Double!

Announcement: Donsplus is rebranding to Double!

We're excited to share that Donsplus is rebranding as Double!

About three years ago, we founded Donsplus with a mission to help nonprofit organizations maximize their website potential, and we’re grateful to have helped so many organizations achieve this.

But, even though our product and features keep delivering on their promise, our name has received negative feedback.

People found it difficult to pronounce it correctly. Several customers told us they wanted to recommend us, but had trouble pronouncing our name.

Also, many people weren’t sure what Donsplus stood for (abbreviation of donations plus).

So, having debated over several potential names (and domain registrations…) for quite some time, we’ve finally decided to rebrand as Double!

Besides being a nice name, easier to pronounce and memorable, it also describes what our product does - it doubles website donation.

This name also reflects our focus and commitment to continue developing technologies that double donations.

And yes, it also blends well with our old logo, reducing rebranding costs by half…

In the coming week, we'll be making some changes to our website and product and are planning to launch on Product Hunt.

So, stay tuned 🙂

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued trust and support! We hope you’ll like our new name, and we can't wait to see what's next for Double.

About Double

Double is an engaging and friendly donation checkout trusted by nonprofits of all sizes to double their donations.

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